Editorial photoshoot – Victorian grace

/dress- topshop/ blazer- H&M/ belt- primemark/ socks- River island/ shoes- Zara/ /dress- topshop/ blouse- topshop/ pearls- primemark/ socks- River island/ shoes- Zara/ /Everything from H&M/ /collarshirt- H&M/ blouse- Topshop/ belt- primemark/ skrit- Topshop/ brooch- H&M/ rings- H&M /Everything H&M/ /coat- Zara/ shoes- Zara/ Jumpsuit – H&M/ blouse- Tophop/ pearls- primemark/ /Same as the last photograph/ […]

ICING on my cake

Every year trend forecasters finds a color that will be ‘the color of the year’. This year we actually have two color :D. Here is just some examples from the fall/winter ready-to-wear shows. Mostly BALMAIN, but I couldn’t help myself.. I really like the ruffles! The color of the year is called Rose Quartz and […]


/Jumpsuite from Topshop/ Hey! A classic bathroom selfie… On our spring break I stayed at a hotel for a couple of nights, it was so nice to sleep in a big, comfortable bed and also have a mirror where you can see you whole outfit. During my time here in London I share a tiny, […]

Editorial styling project ; VICTORIANA – Moodboard

  I’m currently studying Fashion Business at London College of Fashion. This is my first semester and I already feel like it has given me so much. Just before I moved to London I studied Styling at Stockholms Tillskärarakademi (The Academy of cutting and tailoring in Stockholm) and that’s where I found my passion for […]